Abrasive technologies' nonwoven fabrics are the source for your competitive advantage

Nonwoven abrasive fibre is supplied for further processing to manufacture scrub sponges and pads. Nonwoven abrasives provide fast and efficient surface treatment. Innovative technologies and the utilized formulas guarantee excellent abrasive properties throughout the entire production cycle. The use of a wide range of process cycles, several types of binding composition and several thickness grades of nonwoven web assure wide product choice, varying in technical characteristics, such as abrasiveness, wear resistance and density.

The professional cleaning line is available in nonwoven abrasive pads for rotary floor cleaning machines (scrubbing and polishing pads) and hand pads (rectangular shape). Pads are manufactured with high quality polyester-base nonwoven web. The complete choice of 5 colours (in accordance with the international colour-coding system) varying by degree of abrasiveness makes TERSO pads suitable for any floor cleaning task. Pads of each colour have unique and optimal abrasive composition formula providing the highest performance for the required floor cleaning task. The uniform density of the base and the high quality of the impregnation ensure even wear and the maximum durability of each item.

Abrasive scouring pads are appropriate for removing intense dirt, which common cleaning cloths can’t handle. Abrasive pads clean the surface mechanically, without detergents.

Needle-punched nonwoven fabrics are made out of blended viscose and synthetic fibres. The fabrics are suitable for cleaning of various surfaces in household and industrial use, at hotels, restaurants, offices, car care services. The fabrics have perfect absorbing properties, high tear resistance and long life-time; the fabrics are resistant to exposure to household detergents.

Viscose is a man-made fiber made from wood, in other words from natural material. The cloths are appropriate for dry and wet cleaning of various surfaces in a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. Availability of different colors secures that for every cleaning purpose one color can be chosen excluding cross-section contamination.

Sponge cloths are made from natural material cellulose, which is derived from pine breeds of trees. Sponge cloths are appropriate for kitchen cleaning. Cellulose cloths guarantee super absorbency and are able to take up to several times its weight.They are soft and pleasant in use if wet.

Ultrathin fibres are capable of getting easily into any microfissures and roughnesses on any surface and, thus, make thorough cleaning. Thanks to polyester cloths are able to clean grease spots perfectly, and polyamide microfibres increase absorbing properties of the cloths. Cloths are capable of absorbing thin coat of fat without bleed lines.

Sponges are appropriate for washing dishes, kitchen ranges and sinks, cleaning bathroom equipment. A soft side is for delicate cleaning and an abrasive side is for scouring intense dirt from various surfaces. 2 types of abrasive are available: abrasive for delicate (including Teflon) surfaces, and standard abrasive. High quality of abrasive and firm bonding secures durable life time of the sponges.

Sponges are appropriate for delicate cleaning of all bathroom surfaces: sink, bath, bathroom equipment, tile. Soft abrasive layer gently removes dirt, soap stains, lime scale. Due to the comfortable shape and big size sponge is ideal for large bathroom surfaces.

Metal scourers and scrubbers are appropriate for washing dishes made of cast iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. They are perfect for cleaning grills and barbecues, easily remove stubborn dirt, soot and carbon deposits from the surface. Metal scourers and scrubbers do not acidify and have long service life.

Due to uneven (rough) material, cleans well different surfaces. Sponges in a polyethylene web gently clean dirt. They are suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. Sponges in a polyether web are rougher and perfectly stroke with stubborn dirt.