Abrasive technologies' nonwoven fabrics are the source for your competitive advantage

Product quality is the first company priority and its main competitive advantage.

The factory is regularly audited and always receives high marks. Quality Management System is incorporated at the factory. Production quality management is an integral part of Quality Management System and is performed in several directions:

1. Incoming materials’ control.
The company Abrasive technologies works with the best suppliers in its industry. At the factory, raw materials’ verification is performed as well as the procedures of identification and tracking from raw materials to the finished products.

2. Manufacturing processes’ control.
The company possesses a unique manufacturing technology and strictly looks after their implementation.

3. Final goods’ control.Own laboratory makes it possible for the company to test raw materials and final goods. As well, the laboratory is involved into new products development. In addition, the company offers free laboratory testing of viscose samples. Company’s clients can send samples of viscose cloths. The laboratory will conduct a research and determine the percentage of viscose in the material.