Abrasive technologies' nonwoven fabrics are the source for your competitive advantage

In an effort to optimize warehousing Abrasive technologies LLC, in June 2008, turned part of its warehouses to the narrow-aisle technology of stock keeping. The narrow-aisle warehouse is 10 meters high while the width of its aisles is less than 2 meters. The narrow-aisle technology of stock keeping imply the use of specially adapted trucks which move only back and forth while their forks can be turned left-side or right-side.

The narrow-aisle warehouse permits to increase the efficient capacity of the warehouse floor space and thus to reduce costs linked to the goods’ stocking.

Abolishing the stock keeping of the semi-finished products and flow technologies utilization is another example of the efforts the company makes in order to decrease costs and provide more value to the customers.

Warehouse logistics management is our market competence which ensures our moderate prices, efficient customers’ management and solid market position.