Abrasive technologies' nonwoven fabrics ó are the source for your competitive advantage

Manufacturing processes: needle punched cleaning fabrics

Fibersí feeding.

Fully automatic regulation of†the fibers quantity.

Fibersí blending.

Carding of†fibers at†the system of†fast rotating drums.

Integrated system of†speed regulation allows uniform density distribution across the fabricís surface.

Integrated mistake-proofing system secures quality control.

Cross-lapper forwards the web to†the unit of†needle punching machines, where the bonding is†performed.

Consecutive needle punching upward and downward does not break fibersí structure preventing their mechanical damage.

Formed web of†the uniform density.

Thermobonding of†the fibres.

Quality control: fabricís scanning and automated regulation of†the feeding quantity.

Crop cutting and winding of†the fabric.

Winding and pressure control secures output of†high-qualitative standard fabrics.