Abrasive technologies' nonwoven fabrics are the source for your competitive advantage

Abrasive technologies LLC is a leading Russian manufacturer of household cleaning products,  abrasive nonwoven fabrics and needle-punched cleaning fabrics, made out of viscose. Company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region.

The company started operations in 2001 with the manufacture of sponges and cloths, and during its existence perfected unique manufacturing technologies. Perfectly smooth finger protective grip is provided by high-precision shaping; European manufactured glue guarantees reliable bonding of layers. Years of experience and proven company technologies of high-speed cutting and packaging are the base of manufacturing process.

Abrasive technologies has entered the market as a manufacturer of abrasives for domestic purposes in 2004. The innovative formula of the ink composition, and advanced manufacturing technologies ensure the quality of abrasive cloths, corresponding to the world standards.The company demonstrates a consistently high quality of material, including, such characteristics as density and scouring power. Abrasive fabrics are uniformly dyed, characterized by lack of stratifying, high wear resistance and low wearability.

In 2009 a large investment project was successfully completed: a modern production line for needle punching was put into operation. The production line is adjusted for manufacturing of nonwoven fabrics out of viscose fibres blended with synthetic fibres. The production line integrates experience and state-of-the-art technologies of the leading supplier of textile fabrics’ production lines — Asselin-Thibeau. The length of the production line exceeds 90 meters, while the manufacturing process is fully automated. The production line performs permanent high quality for major technical characteristics of the fabric such as: density, thickness and viscose content. As a result fabrics, manufactured at Abrasive technologies’ facilities, are durable, hot water resistant, and perfectly absorb liquids.