Abrasive technologies' nonwoven fabrics — are the source for your competitive advantage

Ultrathin fibres are capable of getting easily into any microfissures and roughnesses on any surface and, thus, make thorough cleaning. Thanks to polyester cloths are able to clean grease spots perfectly, and polyamide microfibres increase absorbing properties of the cloths. Cloths are capable of absorbing thin coat of fat without bleed lines.

Sponges are appropriate for washing dishes, kitchen ranges and sinks, cleaning bathroom equipment.  A soft side is for delicate cleaning and an abrasive side is for scouring intense dirt from various surfaces. 2 types of abrasive are available: abrasive for delicate (including Teflon) surfaces, and standard abrasive. High quality of abrasive and firm bonding secures durable life time of the sponges.

Sponges are appropriate for delicate cleaning of all bathroom surfaces: sink, bath, bathroom equipment, tile. Soft abrasive layer gently removes dirt, soap stains, lime scale. Due to the comfortable shape and big size sponge is ideal for large bathroom surfaces.

Cellulose sponges are ideal for soft cleaning of glass, ceramic and non-stick surfaces. For dishwashing and wiping up spills. Highly absorbent.

Reticulated sponges are highly hygienic – open pores help to good abstersion; sponges don’t cumulate dirt. Sponges are durable, not crumbly, high temperature resistant (up to 90C) and less susceptible to light discoloring, compared to traditional foam sponges. Sponges are suitable for washing delicate (for example, Teflon) surfaces.

Due to uneven (rough) material, cleans well different surfaces. Sponges in a polyethylene web gently clean dirt. They are suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. Sponges in a polyether web are rougher and perfectly stroke with stubborn dirt.

Viscose is a man-made fiber made from wood, in other words from natural material. The cloths are appropriate for dry and wet cleaning of various surfaces in a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. Availability of different colors secures that for every cleaning purpose one color can be chosen excluding cross-section contamination.

Sponge cloths are made from natural material – cellulose, which is derived from pine breeds of trees. Sponge cloths are appropriate for kitchen cleaning. Cellulose cloths guarantee super absorbency and are able to take up to several times its weight. They are soft and pleasant in use if wet.

Abrasive scouring pads are appropriate for removing intense dirt, which common cleaning cloths can’t handle. Abrasive pads clean the surface mechanically, without detergents.